Faery Beautiful Gardens of Gainesville, FL

Do You...

-Want Off-the-Vine fresh veggies, but don't know where to start?

-Spend more than $30 per week on vegetables?
-An EASY way to eat more veggies?
-To maybe even 'go organic', but were disappointed with
overpriced and limited selections?
-To be confident that your food is non-GMO, natural and sustainably grown?

We can help!

Faery Beautiful Gardens of Gainesville, FL will design, install and maintain an organic veggie garden for you in your backyard! 

If you already have a veggie garden, FBG is happy to offer onsite consultations for conventionally maintained gardens.  Please see our Garden Maintenance page for details.

Our Plant Faery's extensive expertise covers not just organic
veggie gardens (our specialty) but other garden types as well. 

To ensure quality installation and maintenance of your organic garden, we can service clients within a 25 mile radius of Gainesville FL.

Let us show you how your garden begins...

All photographs are actual pictures of plants and vegetables grown in the Gainesville Fl test garden.  The images have not been enhanced or corrected, and have only been adjusted to fit within this presentation.  Due to seasonal variation and other factors, each garden will have different yields and growth.